To The One Needing Encouragement During the Holidays

Photo by ian-dooley-281846

The journey of grief is so unpredictable, because you never know when it will hit you. Then just like that… It’s easy for people to say they will be there for you, but when you need them most, they aren’t there. Or…they don’t know how to be. I don’t think people get it until it […]

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Birthdays Without My Mom

Birthdays are so hard for me. Maybe it’s me missing that phone call at midnight from my Mom beating EVERYONE to the punch to wish me Happy Birthday so she can can say she was the first OR the fact that her presence is no longer here. I miss her so much…and yes, my heart […]

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This One Is For Us

I’ll admit—I’ve gone into this season with intentional busyness. Some of which was already planned, and the rest was just to keep my mind off the reality that this Thanksgiving holiday would be different from any other. I still give Mama praises for teaching me how to make her famous Dressing…which is hands down THE […]

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